Grape Varieties

Riesling wines are our speciality. The unique slate soil in which our vines grow is evident in the mineral content, the full body and the rich aroma of our Riesling wines.

We strictly separate the grapes after harvesting according to the areas in which they were grown, this then leads to a unique variety of wines, namely: ‘Kabinett,’ i.e. fully-ripened light wines from the main harvest; ‘Spätlese,’ i.e. late harvest grapes and ‘Auslese,’ i.e. select harvest grapes. The unique conditions of every location and every vintage give the wine its individual character.

For our ‘Qualitätsweine,’ predominantly the product of our own steep vineyards, we use a variety of grapes from various locations.

These wines are often somewhat stronger and retain a consistent overall taste each year irrespective of features typical of their specific vintage.
On a small patch of more level terrain we also cultivate wine of the ‘Müller-Thurgau’ variety.
In good years, provided we have particularly ripe and healthy grapes, we develop ‘Rivaner’ wine of the dry or dry-sweet varieties.