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Our ‘Eiswein’ or ice wine is a Riesling speciality of particular quality.
We of course harvest it by hand and then press it at temperatures of at least eight degrees below zero.

The result of this is a concentrated wine of premium quality with a taste unique to this method. This sweet speciality wine lends itself to many occasions: as an aperitif, a dessert wine, or as an accompaniment to
blue cheese or to German Christstollen fruitcake.

For over a decade we have also been growing red wine. In the best areas of the Mosel wine region we have been planting the Spätburgunder and Regent varieties since 1998. The Spätburgunder grape variety gives a soft, smooth red wine as well as fruity Weißherbste rosés.

The Regent variety, which incidentally does not have to be spray treated with pesticides, gives full, complex red wines with discreet smoky highlights. By blending these two wines together we can produce a cuvée red-wine blend of incomparable quality which combines the attributes of the individual grape varieties and results in a diverse, multi-faceted taste experience.

All our red wines are stored exclusively in vintage oak casks.